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Being a cannabis delivery owner can be tough. One of the toughest challenges for owners is scaling their business. You need more employees to scale your business & capitalize on our quick growing industry, post-legalization.

Bringing on a new employee can make or break your team. Choosing a new team member is important in the process of maintaining synergy for your entire location. Synergy is what makes dispensaries operate in a smooth and efficient way. Adding a team member benefits you insofar as it is done correctly!

Check out the 3 hiring mistakes to avoid in order to keep your business growing in the right direction and make staffing a breeze!

1. Disregarding your team’s synergy.

Your team’s synergy is the backbone of your California Cannabis Delivery.

The cost of hiring a new employee goes beyond face value of adding a team member to your payroll. Potential new-hires should fit your staff and bring value that is consistent with your current staff. The synergy of your staff is oftentimes what draws customer loyalty and if overlooked, can be a downfall to your operations.

Reducing turnover rate by hiring the correct individuals from the start reduces the amount of friction within your staff. Taking the time to add a new member that fits within your ways and blends well with your existing team makes employment transition a lot smoother.

Providing a company culture that fits the “vibe” of your team should be just as important as hiring an individual to begin with. Don’t forget: as a cannabis delivery owner, you set the standards for company culture. 

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Recruitment and hiring are expensive!

The industry is constantly taking on new forms and a dynamic group of individuals that work well together is oftentimes the key to success. Finding individuals with new ideas and a collaborative attitude to contribute to your existing team may take more time, but should be seen as a long-term investment.

High turnover rates disrupt the synergy that has been generated over a long period of time, resulting in an overall reduction of performance within your location. Taking the recruiting process in a slow fashion can help weed out the potential for turnover, keeping your attention focused on what’s important—helping customers!

Taking your time when hiring the proper individual can yield better results when looking to expand in the future!

2. Hiring without future projection in mind? The best cannabis delivery owners prepare. 

Scaling your California cannabis delivery should be strategic!

Cannabis isn’t going anywhere and the attitude should be the same towards your business. Growing your team with the intention of expanding in the future eliminates short-term hires. It also lets your team build together and find a way to promote success on all levels.

Expanding from one location to two or even adding delivery capabilities is a large step for any owner. But the fact of the matter is, that the way you choose to staff during the time of expansion can have a large impact on your new venture’s success. Data doesn’t lie and neither does the performance of your staff. Hiring individuals that are hungry to succeed and have an attitude that is going to contribute to overall greater projects should be a priority as you actively recruit.

It’s easier to scale with individuals that know the ins and outs of your operation than it is to start with a fresh set of faces, hoping for the same outcome. Look for individuals that you see potentially scaling with and ensure that they know about the future plans that you have for each member of your staff!

Hiring with the intent to keep an employee for a long period of time helps build the solid ground that your business needs to grow successfully. Looking at this perspective, it’s easy to see why long-term hiring is important. Giving employees the opportunity to grow professionally by tackling an increased amount of responsibilities comes with the long-term outlook. It creates a pattern of efficiency all the while practicing good SOPs as you scale.

The future of your business depends on the quality of employees and the overall long-term value that they can bring on a day-to-day basis.

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3. Are you attending local networking events?

Christopher Dell’Olio, CEO & Hilart Abrahamian, COO at WebJoint’s Inaugural California Cannabis Awards in 2018

Networking events are running in abundance with the new movements of the cannabis industry. In places like Los Angeles, these events seem to be held at least once a week with panels ranging anywhere from topic-specific discussions to general mixers for individuals in or interested in the cannabis industry.

Shake hands and make relationships. Attending networking events on a regular basis can help give you an idea of what talent is out there for hire, while making sure that you have an opportunity to engage with individuals in a a face-to-face way prior to a formal interview. This allows for casual conversation that can tease out skillsets and personality traits that might be attractive to your location. 

Getting out to a cannabis networking event gives you the opportunity to find talent that is young and dedicated to the industry while providing a double value point in the form of being able to connect with other professionals that share a passion for cannabis-related business.

Get out to a networking event, shake some hands, and take advantage of the talent that is actively looking to be an acquired asset for your team!

Your Mindset as a Cannabis Delivery Owner is everything!

Expanding your business’ roster is certainly no easy task and doing so should be done with a patient mindset. This is one of the toughest things to do as a cannabis delivery owner. Making sure that each addition to your roster is the “right” fit may seem like a little detail to worry about, but if you want to be the best, you need to hire the best. Be sure to complete the necessary due diligence on candidates, hire for long-term success, and take advantage of networking events when headhunting!

What are some of the biggest hiring mistakes that you’ve made?

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